Rob in Swift Current, Saskatchewan writes:

"Just wanted to let you know that I  finished the Flyin' King! Five weeks and 1 day from receiving the kit to first flight. This was the most fun I have ever had building an RC Kit! Your professionalism and dedication to personal customer service shone through in every single detail. Even when I phoned with the odd stupid question. Where else can you phone the creator\designer for advice? Great touch!

"The wood was very good quality and there were absolutely no surprises along the way. Your instructions were both comprehensive and well presented. Amazing plans!  The biggest delay I had in completing the kit was waiting for the tail wheel assembly to arrive. Not at all your fault as I finally decided to go the tail dragger route only two weeks before completion, then had to wait for Canada Post.

"First flight was amazing. The only thing we fought with was the setup of the flap mixes. First flight she ballooned like crazy. Second flight she dove! Hopefully we can figure this out by tomorrow’s third flight. We also  noticed the Flyin' King requires rudder input in order to make nice turns. If we just used ailerons she would tip on her side pretty quick. The guys at the club combed over every detail of the plane, took pictures of her, as well as of the instruction booklet cover so they can order in the future!

"I powered the plane with the new OS. 95V. Thanks for the suggestion. Plenty of reliable power to spare. Plane seems to respond very well to this engine combo.

"The only modifications I made were to bolster the area behind the wing with 1/8 ply in order to prepare it for future towing duties. I also decided to go with Dubro 24 oz fuel tank (34 minute flight time with OS. 95V), as well as Dubro heavy-duty clevises and 4 inch tundra tires."

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