Bill in Maryland

"Another great kit from BTE!!!  During the build all my friends commented about the high-quality balsa included in this kit, thanks.

Go Orioles!"
Tom in Colorado

"The airplane is covered with Solartex fabric, Cub yellow and light blue.  Power is a Magnum .91 4-stroke turning an 11 x 3 Graupner 3-bladed prop.

"This flying field is located on Chatfield State Park which is on the southern edge of the Denver metro area."

A.J. in Louisiana

OS .91 4-Stroke
21st Century Fabric

"Very enjoyable and good flying airplane - great kit.  Thought you might like to see the finish."
Tom in ???

"I shamelessly copied your color scheme because I could not find one I liked better. It was a joy to build just like the Venture 60 was. Thanks for making such fine kits. They are better than any other kits I have ever used and I have been modeling for 25 years now."

Assaf in Israel
Alan in North Carolina

Saito .91 4-Stroke

"Will do aerobatics (mild) and haul a load.  Flaps are loads of fun.  Loads of fun to see how slow it will fly and the stall is beautiful.  Nods its nose and flies on.  A pleasure to fly."
Bob in Wisconsin
Truong in Mississippi

"This is the second FK I got in 2003. Looks and flies good, a must for pilots who want a slow, big, and easy-to-fl model."
James in Arizona

Super Tigre .91

James added a Hobby Lobby Glider Launcher to his Flyin' King.  He said it didn't fly right with the glider in place until he added the 4" tall
tip fins on the stabilizer.  Glider is a Great Planes Spirit 100.

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