Gilbert writes:

"Hi Bruce,

"I am enclosing some pictures of the my Flyin' King ... built as an electric model with a three-piece wing for easy transportation.

"The motor is an AXI 4120/14 brushless outrunner with a 4s LiPo, 4000 mah battery (14.7 volts). The custom cowl doesn't restrict air flow to the motor.

"The wing is split into three part. The center panel (black portion) contains the flaps and the outer panels (in silver) the ailerons (see photo). I removed the polyhedral in order to make it easy to take apart.

"All up weight with motor is 10 lbs 4 oz.

"The plane is a "pussy cat" to fly and gets many many comments at the field.

"Great kit!"

About the nose art, Gilbert says, "I Googled "flying king" and the picture I used for nose art came up. I think that it is a book cover for a children's book series."
PDF File Download:  Gilbert's Moto-Calc Results for the AXI 4130/16 Electric Motor.

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