Allen writes:

"Bruce, I thought you might be interested in viewing this clip of my old Flyin" King (video below) flying an X-1 rocket plane to altitude. She  still flies great and can carry her load.  Updated the power plant from the Saito .91 to an OS120AX.  Love your kits"

YouTube Video Link
Sadly, Allen sent this final report:

"What is not shown on the video is the third and final flight of the X-1.  After the release from the Flyin' King, the rocket was fired.  It blew the retainer out and set the X-1 ablaze.  Was landed but two fire extinguishers later, she was a total washout.  This did not happen on the Flyin' King - it was placed there for pictures only.  The King survived.

"Ryan drew his own plans and built the X-1.  It weighed 3 lb even with the rocket motor.  I sure hope he repairs or builds another.

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