Gene writes:

"A pic attached of my Flying King so far. Getting about ready to cover.

"The model was a delight to build, probably the best plans and manual I have ever dealt with.

"A friend of mine in our Eutawville Flyers Club is building the super version. When we get them flying, I'll send you a good pic of the two side by side.

"Thanks again and keep designing.
A while later, he sent this update:

"Test flew the model the other day, flew good, made some minor adjustments and will fly again tomorrow.

"Landing gear could have been higher, tends to cut some grass when tail is up. Wheels 4.5 in.

"Wing loading is 15.70 oz/sq ft. On first landing, my partner offered to get his net as the king floated across the field without loosing any altitude, engine at idle. may go to lower pitch prop.

"Covered in Super Coverite and dope followed by spray latex. Looks good but a lot of work, next time I would use film. Reminded me of yesteryear when we covered the T-crafts, Cubs, Stearmans and the likes, too much labor.
Gene found an interesting way to get more prop clearance. He writes:

"I won't bother you with a lot of photos, But this came out so well, especially blown up. What a delight to fly. Note the 6.5 in baby buggy wheels, weigh nothing and work great in rough fields."

Pic below shows Gene's Glider Launch System.
Bruce's comment:  Gene is a true craftsman and one of BTE's best customers.  He has built multiple Flyin' Kings, Deltas, and Ventures.  Most impressive to me is his homebuilt Acro Duster II biplane.  I still dream about building a homebuilt aircraft someday...  Gene actually did it.  Here's his short-but-sweet comment about the Acro Duster II:

"It was 30 years ago and I was 44 years old, when I look back at it I don't know how I did it , but I'm glad that I did."

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