Dan writes...

"Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Flyin' King.  I started the kit on Christmas day and the first flight was on February 19th.  I think the fast (for me) build was because of three things, a great kit, I am retired, and it rained a lot in Texas so no flying time.

"The plane is powered by an Enya 80 4-cycle with a 14x6-10 Zinger, more than enough power.  I did make the engine mount sideways giving up some ease of access for better looks.  Radio is Futaba 8 computer, S148s all around except for an S134 on the flaps.  The covering is Century 21 fabric with orange K&B epoxy paint.  Letters and insignia were cut from Century 21 film.  Windows are air brushed K&B.  I have used this color scheme on a few planes and the visibility for 66-year-old eyes is great.  The small print on the tail sez "Lake patrol Waco Texas" as I didn't have enough letters left to say Georgetown Texeas.

"The flying continues the Venture tradition.  Slow, graceful aerobatics in close.  Was very pleasantly surprised with the aileron effectiveness at real low speeds.  Shooting landings with flaps and hitting a spot with just the main gear every time is a ball.

"Just one suggestion.  Do not connect the flap torque rods together to form a one-piece rod.  Install the rods separately and use a Y-shaped pushrod from the servo to the flap torque rods.  This would then allow independent adjustment of the flaps.

"Again, thanks for another great kit."

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