Dr. Rick Arrowood's Toledo Winner

Best of Film Finish - Weak Signals R/C Show - Toledo 2012

Rick writes...

"Here are some pics from Toledo.  The plane took… BEST OF FILM FINISH - it came with a pictured plaque, and a $500.00 check!  I have also included my Stat Sheet that I displayed on the show table that includes all of my customized upgrades and accessories."

Rick later wrote...

"I do enjoy the hobby, and working on the Flyin' King was a great pleasure. Also, it served as a pressure relief as a pastor. I love what I do and have been doing it for over 33 years... but all work and no play makes room for heart attacks and strokes... something I try to avoid. Dolly, my wife, says, "The hobby is good for you... so don't ever give it up!"

This model was featured in the Focal Point section of the December 2012 Model Aviation magazine. Rick had this to say...

"I chose the Flyin' King because Bruce Tharpe, president of BTE, hand cuts all his kits. I have built several of his planes and all of them have been superb in quality and outstanding in craftsmanship."
Rick's Flyin' King was also featured on the cover of the Spring 2013 issue of High Flight, the official magazine of the IMAA.

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