Todd from Ohio is protecting his Flyin'King from a Vampire infestation.  He writes:

"Just finished off my King. Spent about a year on it. My 2 year-old granddaughter takes all precedence when it comes to my time.

"Just a few points... Supertiger 61ABC with a 13-5 prop for power. Futaba Skysport 6A radio with 6 servos. EMS batteries. BTE tail wheel assembly. 4.5" Lite Flight Wheels with tread. 24 oz. fuel tank. Comes in at just under 10 lbs.

"The last photo was taken in front of my garlic patch (growing garlic is one of my other hobbies). I haven't flown it yet but I am sure that it will fly as well as the kit was made.

"Your web page was very helpful during the building of my king, thanks."

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