Bruce's comments:

This is a gorgeous, classy Flyin' King.  Bob made several aesthetic and structural modifications to suit his personal style and the results speak for themselves.  He is obviously a highly experienced builder who knows what he likes.  Bob was nice enough to document his changes and list his installed equipment in the document below the pics.  Nice work!


My Flyin King…. Wt. 9 Lb 2 oz no added ballast weight was needed to achieve the correct C/G….. Built by Robert McDaniel December 8, 2007.

The wing was built to plans. Only modifications: I moved the servos outward 8 inches. Built in wing tip washout 3/32, added bracing center of both front and rear spars. Because deflecting flaps will cause a twisting action on the wing and has a large structural load on the aircraft. Flaps were built per planes Up to 30 Deg. down. The first half of the flap’s deflection results in greater lift increase after that it’s all drag. Sig 1/4-20 threaded hardwood blocks are perfect for the wing mounts. Part # SIGSH218.

Aileron and flap hinge gaps were sealed …wide open hinge gaps greatly reduce aileron effectiveness. Plain flaps lower the wings trailing edge increasing it curvature and therefore its lift. No air up and over the flap is needed.

Stab fin and rudder were to the plans. Rudder Modification setup for pull-pull tailwheel.

An OS 75 2-c eng on its side to reduce drag with a slim line pits muffler part # 5021 to also reduce drag.

Fuel tank was a Du-Bro 16 oz tank part #416.

Du-Bro 4 -inch Big wheels inflatable with positive seal air valve were used part # 400RV.

Bolt on axle used 1-1/4 inch x 5/32.

Servo all Hitec aileron HS475 HB, throttle HS422, elevator HS475, rudder HS475, flaps.HS625

Switch harness Hitec, Radio Hitec, Battery Y-harness Hitec.

Elevator push rod 4-40 Carb/TIT fiber part # central hobbies CHMPRS36T4.

Du-bro Nylon Control Horn from kit.

Du-Bro super strength servo arm were used.4-40 #818

Prop 14x6 APC.

Pull-Pull rudder with 90 lb test nylon coated 1x7stainless steel leader wire black.

Pull-pull BTE tail wheel Assembly for models 8-12 pounds.

Landing gear per kit modification used B & B specialties landing gear reinforcement standoffs 3/16 inch wire and moved landing gear forward 1/2 inch for better ground handling. And to keep a good CG location without adding dead weight to the aircraft.

Covering Towerkote: good low weight but the iron leaves scratches on it.

Threaded coupler 4-40 Du-Bro some of the steel rod push rods from kit

Du-Bro Nylon hinges #117

Du-Bro heavy duty safety lock Kwik links flaps, elevator, rudder, Aileron.

Top rear fuselage 3/32 sheeting was used per plan.

Modifications to Fuselages.

New firewall 4-3/4 wide x 5-5/8 high for cowling J-3 giving lower drag.

Fuselage widening to 5 inches at leading edge of wing to trailing edge then per plans.

Wind shield J-3 cub 40 size giving lower drag. V-bracing at wind bulkhead location to add strength to that location. This is a must install item. A piece of 1/4 x 3-inches front to back plywood was used as a pad for the landing with 90 degree bracing each side of fuselage

Lowered firewall to fit new cowling and line up eng. with thrust ling on plans.

Fuselage Bottom frame assembly part 6-7 was replaced with 5/16 x 5/16 pine full length

To Firewall to tail end. A 5/16 X 5/16 balsa doublers from firewall back to bulk head location on planes.

Note…. No bulkheads from the kit were used at all.

All 5/16 front sheeting was not used replaced with 3/32 balsa. Plywood inside right and left was not used bottom ply was also not used replaced with 3/32 balsa.

4-deg down was used per plan on firewall.

The Flyin King is a quality kit to build and fly. I have been building and flying my own aircraft designs and kits for 50 years now and it is great to see that you can still buy a good building and flying kit today….my tip for new builders is always take your time and enjoy the building because it will be over before you know it. Bob McDaniel

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