Richard in Maryland writes...

"This is my second plane after a 25 year hiatus.  Mostly all sailplanes prior.

"Saito .91 is more than ample power.  Flaps are a hoot!  Take off run with half flaps is ten feet or less - and that is in pretty thick grass.

"The kit was wonderful, although this plane takes a little building.  I just finished one of Bruce's Ventures and it was every bit as nice - just many fewer pieces.

"My re-entry plane was an LT 40.  The FK requires just a bit more attention in the air but it is actually rolls much better than the LT 40.  I think with the flaps and a little headwind it could be landed at nearly zero groundspeed.
I might have to build another one of these just for grins. 
"My name is Richard and I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland."

Photography by: Peggy McNamara (pampered wife), using an Olympus E-Volt 300.
Location: Wilds of the Eastern Shore of Virginia

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