Greg writes...

"Hi Bruce -

"Just wanted to let you know I finished my Flyin' King this morning.  It was a dream to build - everything just fit!  I appreciate the effort you put into designing and kitting this plane.

"It is powered by a 20cc Valley View RC gasoline engine, covered in Solartex and painted with Rustoleum 2X paint using paint masks I made myself.  It balanced with no added weight.

"The maiden flight might be Sunday if the wind is favorable."

Greg's Follow-up...

"I flew it twice yesterday. It flew like I knew what I was doing!  So easy to take-off, docile in the air, landing was lovely.  I haven't tried the flaps yet, I want to get more time with it first.  I should have some video as well in a couple days.

"I highly recommend this plane both from a building and flying perspective."

Later he wrote...

Here is a link to the maiden flight for my Flyin King.  Since then 2 more flights, it keeps getting better!

Greg's Maiden Flight Video

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