Dave is into aerotowing with his Flyin' King.  He writes...

"I thought I would give you an update on my aerotowing project. I have been working on it with two other guys and the stars finally lined up with the weather, our days-off from work and our aerotowing hardware. We made our maiden flight yesterday and after a few issues we managed to make a couple great flights. We just have a 2 meter glider so it is easy to tow with my Flyin' King. I'm sure we could pull a much larger glider with no trouble (one of the guys has already mentioned building a larger glider).
"The release mechanism on my Flyin' King worked great and pulling from just behind the trailing edge of the wing worked prefect. After the glider released I towed the line across the field and dropped the line before landing. Very cool!

"I have included a couple photos of our aerotowing maiden flight. I'm the guy on the left in the long pants.

"Thanks again for all your help on aerotowing, and especially for the Flyin' King design. It's great!"

Dave passed along these links to an article on aerotowing that he found helpful:
RC Modeler PDF Downloads:  Aero-Towing by David Thomas   Part 1   Part 2

But wait, there's more!  Dave adds...

"I have a removable bomb bay for dropping a paratrooper (Rambo) and I have mounted a keychain video camera and did search & recovery of two lost RC airplanes in the 5 foot tall grass surrounding our flying field."

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