Chris from Milwaukee writes...

"My Flyin King is covered in Monokote and uses a Saito .91 for power. It has 8 servos operating the control surfaces, throttle, glider release, and bombay doors. The bombay was designed for candy drops but can be removed and replaced with a parachute drop. As you can see I used the BTE custom tailwheel and converted it to the taildragger. All the lettering on the plane was done by Bill Fulmer.

"The quality of your kit was unmatched by anything I have ever seen and I enjoyed every minute of building this plane. I wrote a review on R/C Universe."

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On his RCU thread, Chris writes...

"I would suggest building this plane with the BTE tailwheel. I have talked to people who have flown it both ways and all of them stayed with the taildragger configuration. Plus the tailwheel form BTE is REALLY nice."

  • 5 ball bearing servos (ele,rud,2 ail, glider release)
  • 1 high torque servo (flaps)
  • 1 retract servo (bombay door)
  • 1 standard servo (throttle)
  • 7 channel Futaba receiver and transmitter
  • Saito 91 GK with 14x6 Master Airscrew propeller
  • BTE custom pull-pull tailwheel assembly
  • Monokote covering with vinyl graphics

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