LEFT: Bill
Engine: Magnum XL-91RFS
Weight: 10 lb. 8 oz.
Taildragger using BTE Tailwheel
Flaps Installed
Cabin Area Completely Empty
14 oz. Fuel Tank
Covered with Super Coverite with
Krylon Paint and Clear LustreKote
RIGHT: Dennis
Engine: OS .91FX
Weight: 9 lb.
Tricycle Landing Gear
No Flaps
Built per BTE Instructions
16 oz. Fuel Tank
Covered with Monokote

Bill Modified his bird internally with provisions for sensors and wiring, hardpoint for aerotowing, dual landing gear plates so he can go trike or taildragger, dual flap servos. In addition, he moved his receiver and battery under the fuel tank, his throttle servo went just behind the windshield, and his rudder and elevator servos were placed in the rear fuselage. This all resulted in a perfectly balanced model with the cabin area completely empty, ready for whatever type of payload he feels like hauling that day.

Dennis built his Flyin' King to the book and saved some weight by leaving off the flaps. Dennis made a major contribution to our hobby by inventing and patenting the PCM technology that is now used in some of our R/C radios!

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