Mark writes:

"Here are a couple outdoor pictures from this morning – it was big time windy here in Texas today and chose not to fly the FK today. The rotating beacon looks pretty cool during taxiing but really not very visible in the air.

"I just wanted to say thank-you for designing/marketing such a great kit."

  • Engine – O.S. 91 FS w/ OS engine mount
  • Radio- JR PCM
  • Fuel Tank – Du-Bro 20oz
  • Tail Wheel – Ohio Superstar
  • Tail Wheel steering via mini servo mounted on bottom of fuselage “y” to rudder channel
  • Heavy Duty main landing gear from BTE
  • Main wheels = 6” David Brown foam wheels
  • Dave Brown – Fiberglass push rods
  • Rotating Beacon – Ram #04 mounted on top just behind wing TE
  • Harry Higley Prop Nut
  • McDaniels SonicTronics Strong Box – Protective foam filled  plastic box for receiver/Batt
  • Reinforced wing saddle with 1/8” lite ply
  • Sheeted complete top of rear fuselage
  • Covered in Monokote
Mark adds:

"I also forgot to tell you that the plane weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz and I was able to balance by just moving the battery/receiver (in the “Stongbox”) forward and back and did not need at any lead at all.

"Anyway, the maiden flight went great – it was truly a pleasure to build and great fun to fly."

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