Greg writes...

"I've put together numerous kits and scratch built five 1/3-scale Extra 230s and a few knock-about birds.  Been flying only gas engines for 18 years.  I can say that your plans for the King are by far the most impeccable ones I've ever used.  Precision-cut pieces in the kit fit the plans and build perfectly.

"I wanted to slow down and go 'putt-putt'.  I kinda missed flying high-wing trainer types after so many years of kick-ass aerobatic types.  I have a great dislike of 'snot' (glow) engines, hence the installation of the gas engine.

"Upon the arrival of your kit, I guessed the King would come out weighing about 13 lbs. with all the heavy-duty equipment I have around for big birds.  Basic specs:  Wingspan 80-3/4", engine 3W-28cc, Top-Flite 18-8 Power Point propeller, Futaba 7UAP PCM guidance, 6 Futaba 9202 servos, 13 lbs. on the button.
"Building Modifications:  Great Planes 1/3-scale landing gear, rudder and elevator servos near tailfeathers, built-up center section - lite-ply ribs with 1-1/4" Gator Products tube (placed on the 5" aft CG marks), opted for no flaps, wing dihedral at 3 degrees instead of 4 degrees (still wanted a good amount of stability), wing incidence +3/4 degree, engine incidence kept a -4 degrees, 1-1/2 degree right thrust, 24 oz. tank placed 2/3 forward and 1/3 aft of the wing tube.  Covered with Monokote with color variation of basic scheme.  Hey!  It's got to look like a Flyin' King, right?
"First Outing:  Flying time about 25 minutes - three flights.  The King took one click of right aileron trim and two clicks down.  CG was good where I set it, just a breath on down elevator for inverted flight.  In fact, my King flies cleaner inverted than upright as far as aerodynamics go.  Found out rudder is super effective and had to dial in some exponential to help me on landings, but it makes the most gorgeous turns on rudder only with a nice bank and no gain or loss of altitude.
"I made the mistake of handing the transmitter to a 16-year-old young man in our club that is five times the pilot I am.  On the third 15-minute flight, he proceded to do some mild aerobatics with it, until he shifted to high rates.  He then went on to do some mild 3D maneuvers.  A gorgeous 4 to 5 fuselage length tailslide with a very crispy nose down flop - all done in a very vertical line with absolutely no tendency to waver.  I had to ask him for the transmitter back for the last 2-3 minutes of flight so I could land it.  Bruce, I or 'we' are going to have blast this flying season with my King."

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