Frank writes:

"Here it is 45 days after starting this kit and making some mods to it , see pics, she is RTF when the weather calms down and warms up. I used Koverall with Nelson Hobbies water-based polyurethane paint, a tried and true method I've used for a number of years. I'm using a Multiplex 3030 Radio system and my faithful Saito .91 FS, 4.5" Sullivan Skylight wheels, a triple vertical fin/rudder design, wing and fuselage has built-in hardpoints for the glider wing and tail supports with a handmade servo release device atop the wing using a steel ring between it and the glider tow hook to launch the glider at altitude.

"FYI, Sometime back in 1986 I used the same triple tail and launch concept, from a M.A.N. construction article by George Henderson when I kit bashed another "Hauler" type plane out of two Sig Kadet kits, with a high aspect ratio wing. When I sent a picture of it and specs to the folks at M.A.N. they had fun with the write-up and published it as well."
Frank continues...

"I have a rare RC Parachutist w/parasail that is attached to the bottom between the gear and servo released or could perhaps drop a water balloon or? Anyway it has been a delightfully complete kit to build and my mods were easily accomplished. I did have to use two "C" cell 4.8 volt battery packs to balance it. This worked out well because I use a JOMAR Battery Backer system for safety sake. I also use an Electrotek GEM 2000 which has saved two planes for me in the past, I highly recommend their use in every plane."

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