Frank writes:

"Thought you might like to see pictures of our “Bent Wing Cubs”!  Mike and I built 2 nearly identical FK’s and decided to paint them like a Cub…as a friend of ours has a 1/4-scale J-3.

"We powered them with a Ralph Cunningham Zenoah G-26 Lite... seems adequate!  Each are covered with Koverall and painted with Stits.  The only significant mods we made was to keep the front of the fuselage straight so the motor would fit, used a modified F-1, sheeted the built up portion of the fuselage on the inside with 1/32” balsa, and used a separate servo for each aileron and flap.  Each came in at 11.5 lbs dry.

"You are correct that if one didn’t build the flaps he would miss a lot!  With full flaps, a bit of down elevator mixed in, she will land with virtually no groundspeed!  What fun!  I’ve noticed that the FK is pretty sensitive to aileron and flies just as well with rudder only…

"The last picture is a bit out of focus, but you can get the idea of how much fun and relaxing a summer evening with no wind and only 3 pilots at the field can be!!  You have designed a GREAT airplane!

"Closing now…off to go flying!!

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