Dale in Arizona

Cobra Electric Motor

Dale installed the BTE Electric Power Conversion in his model.  Still unflown when the picture was taken.  Nice color combo and I like the bold scheme - should be great for visibility.
E.T. in Wisconsin

Saito 1.00

Before ordering his THIRD Flyin' King kit, E.T. wrote...

"I am looking forward to my new F-K Build, the kits are a joy to build. I have been building and flying model airplanes for over 60 years."

Bruce Sr. in Oregon

OS .91 Four-Stroke

Bruce's comments:
My father built this one from reject parts (he says my "reject" parts are better than most kits!).  Koverall, Sig dope, no flaps, no computer radio.  Plus, he lets me fly it.  Nice plane, dad!

Dean in ???

"This is a GREAT plane.  Flies like a dream."

Bruce's comment:
Gotta love those wingtips!

Rob and Reid
in Ohio

"I built it to fly and added an old Vortec bomb release.  My son and I have put 35 flights on it during its first two weeks.  We both love it."
Willie in California

Twin OS .48 Surpass

Sorry, no more info available.

Herb in Florida

"Much more maneuverable than I expected.  Others at the field were impressed with the consecutive horizontal rolls.  Landings are a pure joy."
Richard - California

OS .91 2-Stroke

This was Richard's fourth kit-built project.  With Monokote covering and heavy-duty landing gear, it weighs 10-3/4 lbs.  He built it first with tricycle landing gear, then converted to taildragger with 6" main wheels.

Bruce in Washington

YS .91

How pretty is that?

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