Elwood (a.k.a. "Woodie") writes...

"Here are some pictures of my new flyin king and the rest of my air force.  The Flyin' King has about 10 flights and with the Saito 1.00 you will never use full throttle.  On the first flight we needed to put about 6 clicks of down in and she flew like an eagle.  I have since put about 2 degrees of down thrust in with two washers and that stopped the fly away.  We flew it last Sunday afternoon with about 25 mph winds, with full flaps you can make vertical landings.  I like flying the airplane because it is so similar to flying a real small aircraft in you need to make coordinated turns (not just aileron turns) and when making landings in a cross wind you can crab in just like you were sitting in the seat.  I think I am going to order a wing kit and make a flat wing so it will be a little more aerobatic.  Thanks for the stable fun to fly aircraft.

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