David writes...

"Hello Bruce!

"Here are a couple snapshots from the successful maiden voyage of my Flyin' King this week.

"I want to thank you for the craftsmanship that you put into your products - it really helped me while building your kit!"
Bruce's Comments...

In addition to the interesting tail wheel steering mod shown above, I can see that David also changed the dihedral angle in the wing outer panels, which is fine.  I also like his simple, but bold, military-ish color scheme.  Elegant!  One of the great joys as a kit maker is seeing what others do to make one of my designs their own.

Okay, full disclosure!  David happens to be a modeling friend of mine, living an hour or so north of BTE.  He is the current newsletter editor for the Douglas County R/C Flyers, one of the best club newsletters I know of.  That's understandable because he also happens to be a published author and literally wrote the book on the seaplanes of Catalina Island and his adventures while working seven years for Catalina Airlines during its heyday.  Click on the book cover for info on purcasing the book from Amazon.com.

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