Bud writes...

"I just finished assembly and enjoyed the first two test flights.  What a great kit!  What a great flyer!  I've been building model airplanes since 1939 and have never before found a kit of higher quality.

"The cowling is hand laid up fiberglass over styrofoam sanded to shape."

"I took the liberty of installing a pylon and super structure to accomodate my Spirit Elite sailplane.  Certainly, many others have preceded me with this idea, so know it is not original.  But no one has had more fun with this concept than I have."

Click here to see the excellent video on YouTube of Bud launching his sailplane.
Bruce's comment...

Well, Bud may not have been the first to piggyback launch a sailplane, but he did a great job with it!   I like how he engineered and built a simple platform and mechanism to hold and release the sailplane.  And it definitely looks like fun!  When I designed the Flyin' King, this is exactly the kind of utility, creativity, and experimentation I was hoping it would inspire among builders.  Be sure to watch the video, it is nearly professional quality.  To all involved, well done!

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