Bill from Wisconsin modified his Flyin'King.  He writes:

"Thought you mite like to see my Flyin King. It is pretty much stock except for increased rudder and fin area, plus reinforcing in the fuselage and wires on the tail surfaces. This will be one of the Show planes for our AMA Show team (Northern Aces). This version of the Flyin King is modified with a banner/glider tow capability as well as the capability to carry one of 2 cargo pods internally. One pod is configured as a bomb bay with a 160 cu. in capacity; enough for 32 ping pong balls, 2 lbs. of tootsy rolls, or 48 mini plastic parachuters. The alternate pod carries a 2 color cameras, a transmitter, and power supply for broadcasting live TV. The camera pod weighs a total of 19.5 oz.

"The aircraft is powered with a 120 4 stroke Magnum motor. A bit bigger than average, but great if pulling a 3x5 flag into the air. The entire aircraft with bomb bay pod installed weighs in at 10.56 lbs for a wing loading of 19.02 oz per ft. sq.

"I have attached photos of the plane, cargo pods, and open area at mid fuselage where cargo pods attach."

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